10 Indian Stand Up Comedy Clips for the weekend!

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA - AUGUST 13: Audiences react to stand-up comedians performing an act called Aisi-Taisi Democracy at the Canvas Laugh Club at The Palladium Mall in Lower Parel, Mumbai, India on August 13, 2014. (Photo by Karen Dias/For The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Bored this weekend?

Like watching stand up comedy on youtube but haven’t explored all the comedy uploaded by Indian stand up comics?

Itz cool.

I got your back.

Here are 10 stand up comedy clips you can binge watch this Saturday and Sunday!

(In no particular order)

234. Anirban Dasgupta – Facebook Comments

The most innocent looking comedian I know, Anirban talks about Facebook comments in this clip! Check his out channel for more clips.
(Used to reside in Kolkata now in Mumbai.)

435. Aakash Mehta – New Relationships

Aakash as always gives his spin on relationships. Super unique delivery. Also does children’s parties.

536. Abish Mathew – City Rivalry. 

Well this supremely talented being needs no introduction. Watch Abishs brand new, just prepared and out of the oven piece from his show in Delhi!

378. Sundeep Rao – Women and Zara.

A veteran of the scene, Sundeep guides you through the relationship between Indian women and Zara in his latest clip as he sails through words in his iconic delivery.

244. Shunky Chugani – Indian Dance

A fellow comedian from Bangalore, Shunky is know for his physical humour. One of my favourite bits from his set. Check it out!

152.Deep Chabria – Planning with friends. 

Deep Chabria is a comic from Mumbai that runs several rooms and is a frequent host at them! Check out one of his more popular bits about making plans with friends!

732. Sanjay Manaktala – Indigo Flights

Sanjay a fellow comedian from Bangalore talks about his experiences on his flight! Don’t worry, His accent is real as he hails from America!

525. Diptarka Ghosh – Deep talks about almost everything.

Diptarka Ghosh (or deep for short) also hails from Bangalore. Check out his opening set for Kanan Gill!

923. Praveen Kumar – Heart attack moment of Married Men

The cutest comic I know, Praveen Kumar talks about super relatable topics and this time he sides with married men!

112. Karthik Kumar – India’s greatest invention : Dust!

Hailing from Chennai, The most bad-ass looking comic I know! One of my favourite (and iconic) bits from his set! Check it out! (The channel also has great content, Endless hours of content)


Hope that made your slightly dull weekend slightly less dull.

Will be posting newer ones (some comics I spoke to are uploading new clips as we speak!)

Till next time, Smile more.

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