Chai Time Episode 2 : I review our favourite tea time biscuits!


My latest Chai Time video is here!

It feels awesome that this show concept has been received so warmly. I hope to continue bringing out more #ChaiTime episodes.

In the latest one, I literally just went to the supermarket (next to my Mumbai house) and picked up the most popular biscuits I found there. Once I brought it to the venue where I was going to shoot #ChaiTime, I ran by my rough idea with Naveen (Richard) and he gave me some clever inputs on how to structure the segment. An hour later, I took out the biscuits and improvised this entire segment.

That’s what I love about #ChaiTime, Unlike Stand Up, Which is very rigid and structured. I get to experiment and be free with my thoughts.

Also, Now that it is very clear how much improvisation was involved, I cut out about 7 minutes of content from the segment.

Since I wont be able to use these jokes anywhere else, I decided to post it as a podcast (I did an online survey through my snapchat account @KnowKenny and everyone seemed to be on board with the idea!)

So below is also a link to my #ChaiTime Episode 2 uncut-18 minute podcast!

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