Chai Time Comedy : The Third One (Free Unedited 24 Minute Podcast)

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It is quite interesting how the chai time show is evolving. It began as a experiment for me to keep my youtube channel active while I toured the country writing and polishing my stand up material (Yes it takes time. A question I answer over and over again with audiences.)

Now it has become a show that organically gets shared, talked about and featured. In the latest one, With the spirit of the show, Tried something new.

Shaving my face on stage in front of a live audience.

While the whole experience turned out as fun as expected, It made my realise and reminisce the time when i started doing stand up comedy. It was about trying something no one has done before while making sure people find it engaging and funny.

As you know, All the three Chai Time episodes are HEAVILY improvised (90% of it is made up on the spot while 10% is planned.)

It combines two of my favourite comedy art forms , Live stand up comedy and Improvisation.

As promised, The unedited raw version (As seen by the audience at the live show of Chai Time in Mumbai) is for your listening. For free!

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2 thoughts on “Chai Time Comedy : The Third One (Free Unedited 24 Minute Podcast)

  1. hey man, I’ve only recently started watching your stand-up on YouTube and I freaking love your work man. I don’t need to tell you how good your material is because well, dude, you’re a celeb. But what the hell, it’s brilliant because it is what every middle-class college grad can just relate to. I simply love your blogs and I would be glad if you could let me know if I can check out some of your songs. I’ve seen your videos where you mock other artists but, your singing is cool. Anyway, I’m a fan of your work man. Awesome work.

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